Date: 16 February 2017
Venue: The Backpack


  • Patrick Levner, Cape Town Students
  • Hendrik Human, Earthstompers/Cape Food & Wine Tours
  • Chrissy Human, Earthstompers/Cape Food & Wine Tours
  • Tara, SAYTC
  • Sabine Behrmann, Acasia Africa
  • Dale, Kumba Safaris
  • Chad Lourens, Kumba Safaris
  • Zoé, Baz Bus
  • Zilé de Kock, Marine Dynamics & Dyer Island Cruises
  • Yolanda Smit, Marine Dynamics & Dyer Island Cruises
  • Raino Bolz, Adventure Shop
  • Sabu, Ubizo Events and Tours
  • Pieter, PG Tops


  • Johan, Hotspots2c
  • Heini, Rock the Route
  • Cindy, Earthstompers
  • Charlene Pepler – Cape Food & Wine Tours
Opening by Chairman: Hendrik Human Hendrik Human from Earthstompers Adventures, I will be new TATSA chair.

  • My mission is to further what we started last year and make sure TATSA members all comply with minimum requirements. So the industry can recognize SAYTC (TATSA) members and we can get more credibility.
  • Help smaller business with Safety Management system.
  • Help members to understand and simplify the NPTR process by trying to get an inside contact and let them recognize TATSA (SAYTC).
  • Represent TATSA members at EXCO and take our concerns and issues to the board.
Previous TATSA Meeting Minutes Tara to send out again if anybody still needs the minutes?

Hendrik explained what was discussed at previous meeting such as: minimum requirements to be a TATSA member, Operating License board, Guide Insurance

EXCO Meeting Feedback Meeting held at IH Cape Town.

Submission of documents for TATSA is important. Some companies haven’t submitted yet Why?

Tara offered to chat to companies who need assistance.

Johan stepped down as chair and Hendrik Human took over as chair.

Tara and Henrik are available to chat to companies and find out why they haven’t submitted yet.
NPTR Application Process Hendrik:

application process has been a bit of a pain. Been following up where Johan left off and trying to build a relationship between us and the NPTR; tried to get somebody to come and talk to us, but only got as far as a list of requirements and forms from them. Hendrik will gladly share with you. Have 3 contacts: Julia, Percy and Rejoyce. Hendrik will gladly share their email addresses with you.

Hendrik has done two applications, one was vehicle transfer when he bought new vehicle; was quite frustrating because he had new vehicle standing at his office for weeks while process happened (Maybe 2-3 weeks waiting), would like to replace another vehicle, but he is awaiting this accreditation application before he commences. He also applied for accreditation beginning January. After several emails they came back to him saying if all goes well he will get feedback in March (Do not know when in MAR?)

What we need for accreditation:

  • Form 2 A
  • Proof of payment
  • Signed statement which indicates commitment to comply with labour with regard to drivers and other staff
  • certificate of incorporation
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Tax Pin
  • Personal ID
  • Certificate of fitness & Registration
  • Copies of permits/operating licence of vehicle operated
  • Recommendation letter in support of the application
  • Statement of Oath – No previous convictions
Hendrik will keep on communicating with NPTR and has made contact with Hannelie from SATSA to also keep us updated.

Members to please contact Hendrik if they need any contact details or help with application. He has all documents required and can send to members.

Operating Licenses, fines, vehicle pound and treatment by traffic officers Traffic officers are targeting tour operators and find any small reason to impound vehicles. Be nice to them, show some cooperation and willingness to work together with them.

Hannellie from SATSA said that all members should submit names of officers if they have any problems.

Guides to be nice to officers at all time.

Guides and tour operators should report officers who are giving them problems for no good reason.

Minimum requirements and documents required to be a TATSA member. Operating licences, public liability & passenger liability – please upload documents, due date was 31 Jan 2017.

Only 21 of 66 TATSA members uploaded documents. Tara has uploaded a link to SAYTC website where companies can submit this and will re-send link to anyone who missed it.

EVERYONE to please upload docs. It only takes 5 minutes.

Tara to re-send link and companies to upload documents ASAP.

Members should talk to Hendrik or Tara and ask for help if they cannot submit documents.

Guest Speaker: SATIB – Nathier Fakier Talked about guide insurance. Important to look after your guides and make sure that guide insurance is in place for all guides. Nathier will email rates and info to Hendrik.


Safety Management System Hendrik: We are in a high risk industry and we should always be ready for any situation and emergency.

One way of doing this is a Safety Management System (SMS).

What is a SMS? Identify all risks for clients. How to minimize the risk? Who is responsible for what in company? Where would your help come from? Emergency contact lists, Incident control centre, Emergency Management Procedures. etc

Hendrik will use his (SMS) to do a framework as an example for next meeting.

Zilé: City of Cape Town has emergency contact numbers if anything should happen: 021 4807700

Hendrik to discuss this at next meeting and present a framework.
New Vice Chair Hendrik needs someone to help him with TATSA. Sabine from Acasia volunteered her help. Sabine from Acasia will be Vice Chair and assisting Hendrik.
Next meeting In June. Venue and date TBC.
TATSA February 2017