Sani Lodge Backpackers along with local educational NGO Family Literacy Program have developed an internship program aimed at matriculants and young adults from our nearby Kwa Pitela community.

Two positions were offered to top candidates Zamile Mkhize and Balungile Dlamini, both in their early 20’s. Detailed below is the 12-month training course that they underwent with Sani Lodge Backpackers. They are now well equipped for a job in tourism and are looking for employment within the tourism industry.
Module 1: Basic kitchen assistant in our restaurant and craft shop.
Skills: washing dishes, cleaning, basic food preparation, managing the till, stock replenishment.
Module 2: Basic lodge cleaning and housekeeping.
Skills: cleaning, making beds, laundry, guest preparation.

Module 3: Maintenance, waste management and grounds.
Skills: painting, simple woodwork, plumbing, separation of waste, composting, gardening, burning firebreaks, milking cows.

Module 4: Basic lodge office work
Skills: answering enquiries via telephone or email under supervision, ensuring rooms are ready for guests, showing new arrivals around and getting a grip on how the lodge runs.
Module 5: Advanced kitchen assistant
Skills: baking, preparing orders, cooking, waiting tables, sales, stock control and how to use the credit card machine.
Module 6: Advanced lodge office work
Skill: Emails, guest service, payments, onward travel, tours, arranging guides, assisting with guests hiking and other activities, lodge management. 

All modules included the basics of employment such as punctuality, ability to take instructions, to learn from mistakes and to show initiative.
Russell Suchet of Sani Lodge Backpackers says: “2018 has been a learning curve, not just for Zamile and Balungile, but for us and our whole team. We have all benefited from the experience, learning to be teachers and mentors and looking at a broader vision of our roles in the business. We expect to get better at what we offer as the program continues in years to come. Our interns have shown themselves to be reliable, keen and capable and have risen to the many challenges we put to them. We believe that when they leave us soon, they will be well equipped for a job in tourism and it is our fervent wish that their year here will help speed them on their way”. 

If you would like to contact Zamile or Balungile for an interview, please contact Russell and Simone Suchet on
Sani Lodge internship graduates looking for placement