Date: 22 August 2018
Venue: Shapes of Africa


Wendy & Ray, Michelle, Henre, Bongani, Chris and Tracey


Lundy and Ilsa


  1. Whale watching – only 2 Licenses for whale watching operators have been issued for Durban. A total of 16 for the country.
  2. New members/possible new members are not happy as they are constantly chasing national office for answers. It was stated that when they call the national office, the person always sounds surprised that they called. Chair or Vice Chair for KZN have not been contacted with any issues regarding new members.
  3. Members not happy with goal posts being moved by national office regarding Chair/Vice Chair situation and the Membership drive that has been delayed multiple times.
  4. Members feel they pay the same fees year after year as other provinces but are still not seeing the same/similar benefits despite this being raised multiple times.
  5. Question was posed as to why the fact that Derick Hanekom’s first stay in an SA backpacker was not documented/publicised. Would have been great a great article?!
  6. Utilities – Still an issue which Michelle is spearheading, she will keep us posted.

Wendy and Ray are always great hosts. It was a small attendance so it was a relatively short meeting followed by some of Wendy’s delicious home made food.

KZN Aug 2018