Jason DrewJason Drew is one of the most engaging sustainability speakers’ of his generation. His insights into business, the environment and its future are remarkable. He is one of the world’s most inspiring green business leaders.Based in South Africa, Jason held leadership roles in several corporations including GE, BUPA and Egg. He left the corporate world and started a series of highly successful companies until in 2008, in a major about u-turn,he sold all his Industrial Revolution’ businesses. Since then, he has started and invested only in environmental businesses. He continues to apply his business strategies and ethics to his business alongside his avid passion for the sustainability of the environment.

A self-confessed environmental capitalist’, Jason argues sustainability has to have an economic impact and moreover, an economic reward, if it is to strike a chord with a global audience and indeed, himself. He believes that whilst
capitalism may have caused many of the issues we face – it may be the only tool we have that is strong enough to fix the problems.

Jason chairs a number of organisations including AgripProtein, his latest green venture leading a new nutrient recycling industry. He is also involved in Oxitec a company exporting from the UK, 20 million sterile mosquitoes a
month in the fight against dengue fever and harmful pesticides; Smart Carbon Controls delivering efficiency savings and carbon reduction through building energy management and control systems; RL Technologies a tyre tread management solutions company that came out of F1 racing and is now committed to safely using less tyres per 100,000km driven by trucks; EWF Energy helping cities to power themselves through radically different lightweight rooftop accelerated wind turbines and Sigma Solar Africa which is leading large scale renewable power solutions for businesses in South Africa,Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana.

Described by Leadership Magazine as one of Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’, Jason is an environmental realist with a no-nonsense sensible approach to the environment.

Jason Drew

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