Date: Thursday 21 July
Venue: Elalini Backpackers, Buffalo bay


  • Heinie, Rock the Route/Chairman – 0611077625
  • Juanita, Island vibe – 0793451474
  • Jese,  Island Vibe – 0760408079
  • Jo-anne and Douglas, Elalini
  • Lu Giba, Destination GR – 0604818060
  • Thomas, Face Adrenlin – 0712485959
  • Anita Best, Hashtag Tours – 0630646552
  • Ola Lawrence, Wild Spirit – 0725058271
  • Melanie Leloup, Shotleft
  1. Safety step-up/ policy/ risk management:

Safety policies and management systems like Public Liability insurance are essential to protect yourself and your business from being sued in the case of an incident. Risk management plans, adapted to suit your business and needs, gives you something to fall back on in emergencies, a safety net. Get insurance circles tightened up – legal matters must be airtight to avoid trouble. Send your staff on first aid courses and ensure emergency procedures, etc, are in place so they are ready to handle anything that comes up.

  1. Chairman’s report:

2018 annual conference, to be held near Ct. 25-28 Sep. R1500.

All about networking and industry chats. It has been planned around World Tourism Day. Receiving sponsorship from government and EC Tourism because they recognized the value and benefit from last year’s conference.

Also possible to get sponsorship as small entrepreneurs, for local development.

Larger social media coverage is needed this year.

  1. EXCO Feedback:

Saytc is member driven, and markets SA to the world as a whole.

All the regions need to join and work together more.

Idea to circulate regional flyers.

The aim of the merger with SATSA is to use our numbers to gain momentum and recognition as an industry. The fees will stay the same; SATSA just handles all the admin.

SAYTC will form the Youth Travel sector of SATSA.

Our power lies in collaboration and numbers when it comes to marketing and support.

Strong push to set up an internal marketing committee, open to anyone who wants to join.

Up to organizations and business’s to send content if you want things posted and promoted.

Kamooni: an online booking platform built specifically for youth travel. Customized and coded for your business. Allows us as an industry to start collecting stats and blacklists, etc. Also the option to make a booking on an App, link to other booking sites like, and to include accounting and admin management in your package

  1. Trends:

28% of people are now travelling for lifestyle and health. Yoga, veganism, biking – lifestyle travel – becoming a massive industry worldwide.

Responsible tourism plays a major role now, and it looks at what you do to get involved with your local community and the environment. You should market what you offer in terms of this – people want to know and support a good cause.

Cash Flow Capital: one of the fastest growing Investment companies in the word. They will invest in your company like a bank, but they are actually anti-banks –  and have a 100% success rate and track record in business. They work on your business model, adapt it for you, then invest and make sure it works.

  1. Recycling workshop by Fair Trade Tourism

At Hog Hollow on the 6th July, 12:00. SAYTC members can attend for free, otherwise its R200.

  1. Speakers:

Melanie from Shotleft: they are specifically promoting SA to South Africans from different sectors of the economy. ‘

Their slogo is  – “Its your country, enjoy it”.

Put their link on your website to align with the campaign. Contact Mel for info.

They are focusing on educating people to get local South African products on the map, thus keeping the money in the country.

They work with 3 segments:

Build segment:  3.6 million South Africans who can afford travel. Want to build awareness around local products and encourage South Africans to visit establishments and partake in activities. Aim to get a ‘travel culture’ going internally.

Convert segment: people who already travel for work. Aim is to convert them to leisure travel.

Defend segment:  families who already go on holiday, mostly abroad. Aim is to shift their seasonal travel habits so they stay within the country, thus we don’t lose them and the revenue to international destinations.

Lu from Destination Garden Route:

They see the Garden Route as a profound place to live and visit. Believe collaboration and connecting is the best way to get results – working with travel boards and activity companies are a priority.

It’s a new company, but putting their vision into action. They aim to get local communities involved to promote authentic local experiences.

Any packages you have on offer they will promote on their site, as well as representing on social media and at travel shows and conferences.

They are promoting a Global Travel sim card – incredibly useful for travellers.

  1. New marketing strategy

Need for an internal and external marketing strategy and committee.

Internal communication/heads up (ie: current renovations, bad guests etc) necessary to stay connected and with the times both for momentum and marketing purposes.

Externally, the aim is to re-evaluate the brand – what do we offer as a brand? What do we stand for, what is our message? So we can promote it to the world.

Content is everything in the age of the travelling millenials.

“Honest content is sharing your competitions page”.

Keep it real, keep it current.

Garden Route, Jul 2018