SAYTC Youth and Adventure Travel Conference 2016

The Northern and Central Drakensberg area has some of the most beautiful scenery that can be imagined. The area falls into four valleys, beginning with the Champagne Valley in the Central Berg, through the Cathedral Peak and Didima Valley, then the Royal Natal National Park and Amphitheatre Valley, and finally the Middledale Pass Valley in the Northern Berg. Each of the four valleys has its own kind of beauty and character; all have magnificent mountain views.

Midway between Johannesburg and Durban on an idyllic piece of land, encircled by awe-inspiring mountains you will find Amphitheatre Backpackers. The lodge takes its name from “The Amphitheatre,” the most famous geographic feature of the Northern Drakensberg, South Africa. The Amphitheatre is widely regarded as one of the most impressive cliff faces on earth. The lodge looks directly onto its facade and on a clear day, after the rains, the Tugela Falls can be seen as it plunges 1km down the ancient rock face.

The Drakensberg is the premier hiking destination in South Africa and the Northern Drakensberg is regarded by many as the most dramatic section of all, with access to the highest country in the world, “Lesotho,” the biggest indigenous forest in the berg, the largest consolidation of rock art in the world and the 2nd highest waterfall on the planet. The Amphitheatre separates South Africa from Lesotho and it is here that the world famous Tugela Falls has its source, rising at Mont Aux Sources.

Conference fees

First delegate: R2500, with early bird discounted price R2200*
Second delegate: R1900, with early bird special price R1700*
Third delegate: R1500, with early bird special price R1300*
Fourth delegate: R1000 with early bird special price R850*

Aim of the conference

  • Showcase the Unrivalled Diversity and beauty of KZN
  • Have FUN!!
  • Network members with each other.
  • Form long lasting relationships, both professionally and socially.
  • Get maximum participation from all our members from all over South Africa.
  • Have informative and industry-related activites, topics and speakers.
  • Have open forum discussions about pertinent issues.
  • Experience KZN, its unrivalled diversity and encourage delegates to further their stay in the province by doing pre and post activities/tours

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